How to Setup your Blog Fast?

Tweet Many people want to set up a blog fast but either they do not have the technical knowledge to do it or they do not want to involve in the hassles of setting it up. Free Blog In fact, setting up a blog is not as difficult as you think, nowadays there are plentymore »

5 Beautiful WordPress Themes to DIY Your Blog and Website Quickly

Tweet If you are going to DIY your website and looking for a beautiful and customized WordPress themes, you may like the following WordPress Themes created by Headway Themes. If you haven’t heard of Headway Themes, it is a drag-and-drop WordPress editor for creating beautiful design for your website or blog. Headway Themes called thesemore »

Which Web Hosting Company Should I Use?

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Things to Look Out for before You Creating Your Own Blog

Tweet Do you want to become a blogger? Once you have made up your mind to become one, the next step is to get your own blog instead of using a free blog. In other words, you are now getting your own domain name which host on your own preferred web hosting company and atmore »

5 Beautiful Personal Travel WordPress Themes

Tweet Travelling has become so popular nowadays that almost every tech savvy traveler would like to write down his or her own travel journey using a blog. The purpose is not only to share the experience but also to monetize it. But not every one has the technical and design skills to design a beautifulmore »

How to add Your Avatar Photo when Commenting on Blog?

Tweet Have you ever wondered how could you add your own photo or representative image to a blog, forum or other social media sites while you are commenting? If you want to establish a relationship and trust with other bloggers or readers, it is good to show your face to them so that they canmore »more »

Constant Contact Newsletter Subscription Plugin For WordPress Blog

Tweet If you are thinking of adding a newsletter subscription box to your wordpress blog but do not want the hassle of copying the code from Constant Contact to WordPress individually, here is a quick way to do it.  However, please note that this plugin only work for blog installed in the root directory, ifmore »more »

How to Verify Blog with Google Webmaster Tools?

Tweet It may seem difficult to get your blog (not blog) verify by Google webmaster tools when you are not allowed any FTP access to There used to be a way to work around it by creating a new page and pasting the verification filename given by Google webmaster tools into itmore »more »

How to solve the wordpress pretty permalink 404 error?

Tweet This is the most common error found in setting wordpress pretty permalink even for the latest wordpress version 2.7. The following might be of some help for those who have just installed wordpress 2.7 but required some technical know-how and access to the FTP to do it. No related posts.more »