Email Marketing

Why Automate Your Online Marketing Activities?

Tweet Do you find online marketing activities taking up too much of your time? Blogging, email marketing, list building, lead generating, newsletter broadcasting, social media update in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn & Pinterest and many others are overwhelming and never ending. If you are lucky, you might have a team of marketers to help youmore »

Get a Free Email Marketing Template Today!

Tweet If you are planning to sign up for an email marketing services, you should try Constant Contact! They are now giving away free email marketing template (aka Website Match Email Template) for sign-up customers before end of March 2013! The free email marketing template which is worth US$99 is designed by professional team andmore »

Email Marketing: Monthly Plan vs. Pay-As-You-Go Plan

Tweet Many of you could be in a dilemma whether you should choose monthly plan or pay-as-you plan for your email marketing services? For those of you who do not know the difference between the two plans, the monthly email marketing plan is a plan which requires you to pay every month regardless of whether youmore »

Can I Use My Own Email Address When Using Your Email Marketing System?

Tweet Many of our clients were asking could they use their own email addresses to blast out their email campaign when using our email marketing system. The answer is “Yes, absolutely!”. We understand why they were concerned because many of them had the misconception that when you are using a third party email marketing softwaremore »

2 Important Features of Email Marketing Not to be Missed

Tweet You may know what email marketing is but did you fully take advantage of email marketing’s features? If you are struggling to capture and generate qualified leads for your company, there are two very important email marketing features that every email marketers not to be missed. They are the newsletter subscription form and autoresponder.more »

How to Import Your Own EDM Design into Constant Contact?

Tweet Many of our customers ask whether they could import their own EDM design or email marketing design into Constant Contact system? The answer is “Yes” but provided the design must first be converted into HTML format. If your EDM design is a big piece of images, it should be cropped into smaller pieces formore »

List of Spam Words to avoid in Email Campaign Copy

Tweet If you are wondering why you have a low open rate for your email campaign? You may want to check your email copy before you send out your next campaign; it could be due to certain words that trigger the spam filter. As a result, your hard-crafted email campaign might end up in yourmore »