Essential Project Manager Toolkit

If you are the project manager, the following scenario should be familiar to you.

  1. Limited resources, time and budget but you are asked to achieve the star and moon at an unreasonable deadline.
  2. Project scope creep – unexpected changes to the project requirement and scope.
  3. Ineffective communication within the project team and between customers.
  4. Your office culture of resistance to change hinders the adoption of complex project management skills and software.
  5. Office politics is the least thing you expect but it happen; your project team is not operative and giving you more headaches.
  6. Your boss is not supportive and expects you to solve all the problems, in short you have no one else to turn to.

What is the fastest way to write a marketing plan?

As an experienced marketer, we know that writing a realistic, credible and accurate marketing plan takes time and effort. A decent one could easily take up a month or more to finish. At the start of writing a marketing plan, you could be overwhelmed by the amount of information or lack of information. This is especially so if you are writing the marketing plan for the first time or starting from scratch.

Free Templates for Your Business

If you find getting a designer to do the design is too time-consuming and expensive, you can consider using templates for a head-start for your business or project. Templates are editable, reusable and customizable. They are great tools to use as some of the templates like Microsoft Powerpoint and web design templates allow you to focus on your content rather than the aesthetic part of it which in turn help you to speed up your works and increase your productivity.