Blog Website Design Services

Are You Looking For A Cool Blog Website Design?

Look no more, we are one of the Singapore website design companies offering customized blog website design. We are using WordPress platform to build a blog website or a blog. Our main goal is to help our customers to achieve a credible and functional blog website. We want your blog website to be engaging and become a great platform for you and your visitors to interact freely online. You will be spared from all the technicalities from designing and building a blog. You are able to update content quickly without learning too much of technical code. What you get eventually will be an easily editable and managed blog website that work for you and your business efficiently.

What’s more? Before we design your blog website, we will try to understand your market, target customers, products and services so that we can further enhance your blog website functionality with powerful features. See some of the powerful features below that can be added to your blog website to make it more robust.

Powerful Features of the Blog

  1. Sign-up Form*
    A powerful way to capture your blog website visitors’ information and build up your subscribers or customers database quickly by integrating an online sign-up form at your blog. A must-have features if you want your subscribers or customers database to grow organically. Once installed, the visitors’ information will be automatically stored in the master database without too much manual intervention.
  2. Social Media Plugins
    Another must-have features if you want to interact with your customers online via the social media platforms such as Facebook, LindIn, Twitter, Digg and others.
  3. Contact Form 7
    Contact form helps to block out spam emails and ensure your visitors enter the required fields before sending the email to you.
  4. Google Analytics
    This feature helps you to find out how is your blog website performing and who are your visitors and where they come from. A very handy tool if you want to further improve your blog website performance in future.
  5. All in One SEO Pack
    You must not miss out this feature if you want your blog website to rank higher in search engines ranking. It allows you to plant your important keywords into your blog website so that visitors will find your blog via these keywords easily.
  6. Google XML Sitemap
    This is another excellent feature that helps search engines like Google, Yahoo to find your blog website new posts or pages so they can be indexed quickly and efficiently.
  7. WordPress EZ Backup
    You need to frequently backup your blog website just in of server breakdown or corruption of database file. You will have a backup copy to fall on so that your blog website can be restored to original stage as soon as possible. This backup feature allows you to not only to backup the database but the whole blog website as well.
  8. Yet Another Related Plugin
    If you do not want your older posts to be hidden and go to waste, this is one of the indispensable tools you must install. It lists all the related posts conveniently together at the end of the post that readers are reading which give them an opportunity to read related posts that they might have missed.
  9. Sharebar
    Another good feature where it adds a dynamic tool to the left of your blog website post so that readers can help to distribute your post to the common social networking sites. As a result, it will add more social interaction and increase the exposure of your blog.

Blog Design Packages

We understand that different people have different needs and budgets at different phrase so we have designed a special blog design packages just for you. Pick the one that best fit your needs and we will get back to you as soon as we can once we receive your order.

1. Wordpress InstalledYesYesYes
2. Theme InstalledFree ThemeSelect from a library of
Theme Templates
Customized Theme Design
3. Theme Editor Installed
(worth $120)
4. Plugins Installed4610
5. Text Logo Design-YesYes
6. Header Design-YesYes
7. Background Design--Yes
8. Free Installation of
Sign-Up Form*
*Note: You need to subscribe to the third-party service provider in order to use this service fully.

Add-On Services:
1. Picture Logo Design
2. Popup Sign Up Form
3. Search Engine Optimization
4. Training to use the Blog

If you have any question regarding the above blog website design packages, you are welcome to contact us too.