Nowadays, files are getting bigger and bigger, some times a simple video or audio clips, PDF or graphic file can easily take up about 10MB of space. It could be frustrating when you need to send over such huge files to your recipient as it could take ages to send over, it could be even annoying when some email services do not allow large files to be sent. Similarly, it could be a nightmare to receive large file as an attachment via email. It could clog up the downloading of emails where a few seconds process could turn into long-waiting process especially when you have urgent email to check. Hence, it is not a good email practice to send large file to your recipients, if you really need to, please inform them beforehand to check out when it is convenient to email them.

The good news is there is solution to this problem today. Many companies are offering services to upload large files to their servers and allow senders to email a link to their recipients so they can just download the huge file from the server directly. Best of all, some companies even offer free services for sending large file, one of them is, it does not require complicated setup, no software to install, their interface is easy to use and allow you to send large file up to 1GB. You can also send multiple files together without the need to send one by one. Your file can save up to 5 days or 10 days if you are registered users.

There are other service providers who also provide such services and provide a large file size but require a fee when using their services. They have a monthly subscription plan or pay-as-you plan. The files are normally stored and accessible for limited period or can be downloaded for a number of times. They have added features such as protected password for downloading file, files management, public and private folders management, tracking statistics, drag-and-drop interface, search function, real-time preview of multimedia formats, backup and security. Below is a sample of such service providers.

If you have experience on using any of the above services, feel free to share your experience or leave a comment.