What is Online Event Registration Services?

If you are organizing a lot of events like seminars, conferences, workshops and training, you will realize the most tedious and time-consuming process of such event marketing is the registration process, participants tracking, payment and the massive amount of paper works involved. All these processes are prone to errors and delay. Fortunately, you can now turn to automatic online event registration system for help.

Automatic Online Event Registration Services

We have partnered with Constant Contact and bring you affordable yet powerful Online Event Registration tool to help you manage your event effectively. It gives you a pre-made form and let you track who has registered and paid online. It saves you time as the registration form can be pre-scheduled at a specific date to publish it to your mailing list. All these repetitive tasks can be put on auto-pilot mode and free you from the mundane tasks.

Benefit of Online Event Registration Tool

For all event planners and marketers, we know how painful it is when there are changes to the event venue or date. However with the online event registration tool, it is easy to edit and change the registration details and notify the participants immediately. The tracking report also show you which participants did not read the notification and allow you to send them a reminder. This ensures all participants are well informed of your event.

Our Online Event Registration Services

V.SOP Design has partnered with the leading event marketing solution provider - Constant Contact to help you with the setup and delivery of high-quality online event registration to your customers.

Constant Contact has named its powerful online event registration tool as Event Marketing Solution. It is easy to use, affordable and require no installation of software. You can send, manage and track your online registration for seminar, conference, workshop or training at anytime and at any place.

Features for Online Event Registration:

  • Event Marketing Campaign Wizard
    Offers a step-by-step guide to create a professional online registration form, registration page, email invitation and homepage.
  • Professional and Ready-Made Online Registration Form Templates
    The registration form can customise to your needs and is able to capture 20 custom fields such as meal restriction or other special needs.
  • Set Limit on Attendance
    Stop the online registration once it meets the criteria of certain number of participants or specific date.
    • Choose Payment Option
      You can choose to let your participants pay by credit card online via paypal or snail mail by cheque.
  • Automatic Email Acknowledgement
    A time-saving and handy feature that confirm participants registration by emailing an acknowledgement.
  • Event Reporting
    You can email or download your boss a report of the event progress based on registration status, invitation status and payment status.
  • Online Registration Tracking, Monitoring and Reporting
    It allows to see status such as who has registered and paid. And post follow up like who has attended the event and who has not.
  • Forward-to-Friend feature allows participants to forward the email invitation to their colleagues and friends easily.

  • A Google Map is automatically inserted in the email invitation or registration page so that participants can find their way to your event easily.

Online Event Registration Form Templates

The online event registration form template is readily available for you when you are creating the event. You are free to add in additional fields like Department, Position Held, Diet Restriction and etc. At the same time, you are given a wide range of themes to choose from so you can change the look and feel or colour easily for your online event registration form.

FREE 30 Day Trial

To see how the Online Event Registration Tool works, you are welcome to sign up the 30-day Trial. You can create an event such as a training workshop or seminar to test-drive all the online event registration features. However you are limited to 10 registrants only.

Click here to sign up now. Please click on Event Marketing to start the Trial. No credit card is required when signing up for the trial.

To help you to get started quickly, here is a step-by-step video tutorial on event registration, click here to try it out.

What is Pricing after the Free Trial?

The fee starts at USD45 per month but you are not getting only online event registration tool but with other features such as the following:

  • Event landing page
  • Email invitation template
  • Event signup
  • Survey

All the above powerful features will make your event registration streamline and hassle free.

You are welcome to sign up a free trial email account at Constant Contact as it gives you a good idea on how it works.  You can email us any questions if you required assistance.