Are You Planning To Set Up a eCommerce Website Soon?

You have come to the right place! We have an affordable but powerful ecommerce design solution for you. We have partnered with an established and trusted ecommerce solution provider – Bigcommerce to bring you the most complete solution so that you can be rest assured that your ecommerce website will always up to date, secure and search engine friendly. Bigcommerce is regarded as the most popular ecommerce platform among many e-commerce website owners because of its ease of use, setup and functionality. It is a self-hosted solution so you will be getting both a web hosting and a e-commerce software together but only at one price. There is no additional hardware or software to purchase as you can manage your entire ecommerce website simply via a browser. Other advantages include the following:

Advantages using Bigcommerce Solution

      • Easy to Set Up
        You can set up you ecommerce website very easy and fast as Bigcommerce simplifies the complicated process into easy steps. It has a step-by-step guide inside the store so that you will not miss out any crucial step to get your e-commerce website set up successfully.
      • Lifetime Free Software Upgrade
        Unlike other ecommerce companies require you to pay for each upgrade, at Bigcomerce, you will enjoy lifetime software and security patches upgrades. As a result, there will be lesser security risks involved in your ecommerce website as the bugs and flaws will be fixed promptly.
      • Search Engine Friendly
        It is critical that your ecommerce website can be found in major search engines so that your customers can find you and eventually buy your products. You will be happy to know that your ecommerce website is already built to be search engine friendly as it is created by people who are fanatic about search engine optimization.
      • Market on Mulitple Channels
        In Bigcommerce platform, besides selling in your ecommerce website, it has other integrated marketing channels that help you to market your product. For example, you allow you Facebook fans to browse and buy products without leaving your Facebook page. You can also list or auction your products in eBay or other shopping comparison sites giving your products maximum exposure in these sites.
      • Mobile Phone Friendly
        Your ecommerce website can be enabled to be viewable via most smart phones including iPhone, iPad, Andriod, Blackberry and Palm Pre devices. It gives your customers additional channel to browse and order your product.
      • Powerful Marketing & Promotional Tools
        Your ecommerce website will not get notice or sales if you do not actively promote it. Bigcommerce offers you several marketing tools inside your e-commerce website that make marketing and promotion of your eStore a breeze. It includes Google Adwords, trackable coupon codes, promotional banner, product sharing via social media and email marketing.
      • Business Statistics Reports 
        There are about 25 built-in reports you can easily check to see who are your top 20 customers, top orders by revenue, daily conversion rate, revenue per customer, profit margins, best selling products and most popular products. In addition, it also show you the report on where your customers come from and what search terms they used to find your ecommerce website.

Full Features

You can click here to find out the full features of Bigcommerce ecommerce solution. For less than $25 per month, you can sell up to 100 products and you can always upgrade to a bigger plan if you want to sell more. You can check out the various pricing plan here.

Try for Free

If you want to test drive the ecommerce platform before you subscribe, you are welcome to let us know so we can set up a trial store for you.

Hire Professional Help

If, however, you do not want to be involved with the technicality of setting up a ecommerce website, let us help you! We can help you to set up your ecommerce website or eShop from start to finish without you worrying all the technical aspect like domain registration, domain transfer, web hosting, payment gateway, logo and template design and etc.

If you are interested to know more, contact us today for more details.