Why Email Marketing?

If you need to build a sustainable business, you must have email marketing strategy right in place when you started your business. Email marketing helps you to build a stable customers stream and they are warm leads that you can tap on to grow your business. The main reason most businesses failed because they didn't build a customer database and most of them struggled to find new or stable customers to keep their business going. There are some businesses think that email marketing is outdated and not effective as social media ads but ultimately, what every business wants is to build a stable stream of loyal customers and email marketing is the only marketing tool that can help you to achieve it.

Email Marketing is like an Investment, Start Early and Gain Back Return Early.

How to Start?

You have to sign up with an email marketing solution provider e.g. Constant Contact as you need to rely on its email marketing system to capture and store your customers' data and its scheduling capability to mass email your email campaign. The email marketing system is easy to use and require no installation of software. You can send, manage and track the whole process of your email campaigns online at any time and at any place. 

FREE 60 Day Trial

You are welcome to test drive the email marketing from Constant Contact free for 60 days. You can send up to 100 emails with all the features available. 
Sign up today and see how email marketing can help to grow your business. No Credit Card is required to sign up.

Email Marketing Features

  • Email Marketing Automation
  • Survey and Poll
  • Unlimited access to ready-made templates
  • Auto Subscribe & Unsubscribe Function
  • Autoresponder
  • Automated Scheduling of Email Campaign
  • Event Marketing & Management
  • Customers Segmentation
  • Online Tracking, Monitoring and Reporting
    • Send, Bounce & Unsubscribe
    • Open Rate, Click Though & Conversion
    • Full spam law compliance with opt-out option
  • Free Email Templates
  • Unlimited access to ready-made templates templates from many different categories such as announcement, product launch, promotion, e-Newsletter, and news to save you time and cost of engaging a designer.

Our Email Marketing Services

However, if you need help for your email marketing, check out our email marketing services here.

Alternatively, you can contact us for any queries.


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