Email Marketing Video Tutorial: How to Use Constant Contact

This series of email marketing video tutorials is created for the benefits for those of you who are new to using Constant Contact.

Many of our new customers have feedback that it is kind of overwhelming when first started using Constant Contact. It could be due to the rich features available inside the Constant Contact email marketing system. Many new users were lost at where and how to start.

Top Email Marketing Mistakes You Might Have Made (Part 1)

Email Marketing is an excellent tool to connect, promote and update with your customers. You might be using it frequently to communicate with your customers but are you doing it correctly? Email Marketing can make or break your sales and brand depending on how you use it. Below are top 10 email marketing mistakes that are commonly made by business, are you one of them?

Constant Contact Newsletter Subscription Plugin For WordPress Blog

If you are thinking of adding a newsletter subscription box to your wordpress blog but do not want the hassle of copying the code from Constant Contact to WordPress individually, here is a quick way to do it.  However, please note that this plugin only work for blog installed in the root directory, if your blog is installed in sub-directory like, it will not work unfortunately.

Email Marketing Campaign Checklist

Sending out an email marketing campaign involves many tasks and it can be overwhelming for new users. Seasoned users may be more experienced but often they may feel something is amiss when hitting that send button because email marketing is the only channel that is irreversible, once send and that is the end of the story. Below is a check list which aims to minimize errors and pitfalls while sending an email marketing campaign.