How to add Your Avatar Photo when Commenting on Blog?

Have you ever wondered how could you add your own photo or representative image to a blog, forum or other social media sites while you are commenting? If you want to establish a relationship and trust with other bloggers or readers, it is good to show your face to them so that they can identify with you. This photo or image will become your avatar and once you have it set up, it will appear everywhere when you post a comment.

Constant Contact Newsletter Subscription Plugin For WordPress Blog

If you are thinking of adding a newsletter subscription box to your wordpress blog but do not want the hassle of copying the code from Constant Contact to WordPress individually, here is a quick way to do it.  However, please note that this plugin only work for blog installed in the root directory, if your blog is installed in sub-directory like, it will not work unfortunately.

How to Verify Blog with Google Webmaster Tools?

It may seem difficult to get your blog (not blog) verify by Google webmaster tools when you are not allowed any FTP access to There used to be a way to work around it by creating a new page and pasting the verification filename given by Google webmaster tools into it but it no longer work now. There is another quick and easy method you can try, please follow the steps as below.