Email Marketing Video Tutorial #6: How to Send Out Your First Email Marketing Newsletter

Once you have finished with creating your email marketing newsletter template (or eNewsletter template), you are now ready to send it out. It is always recommended that before you send out your eNewsletter, send a test copy to yourself or colleagues to double check for any errors such as missing images, broken links and spelling errors. If there are, fix them immediately as it is not reversible once the eNewsletter is sent out. It could be embarrassing if your recipients noticed the errors before you do.

In Constant Contact, it gives you the option to pre-schedule your eNewsletter. You can set the exact date and time that you want to send out without manual interference again. For example, if you have eNewsletter that need to send out at the end of every month, you can pre-schedule them all at once at one time. In addition, Constant Contact allows you to tweet your eNewsletter to your followers after sending, this gives you additional benefits of extra exposure to your marketing efforts.

In the below video tutorial, you can watch how to create a eNewsletter step by step. You can also view a high definition from YouTube by clicking here.

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