2 Important Features of Email Marketing Not to be Missed

You may know what email marketing is but did you fully take advantage of email marketing’s features? If you are struggling to capture and generate qualified leads for your company, there are two very important email marketing features that every email marketers not to be missed. They are the newsletter subscription form and autoresponder. These

How to add Your Avatar Photo when Commenting on Blog?

Have you ever wondered how could you add your own photo or representative image to a blog, forum or other social media sites while you are commenting? If you want to establish a relationship and trust with other bloggers or readers, it is good to show your face to them so that they can identify with you. This photo or image will become your avatar and once you have it set up, it will appear everywhere when you post a comment.

How to Verify WordPress.com Blog with Google Webmaster Tools?

It may seem difficult to get your wordpress.com blog (not wordpress.org blog) verify by Google webmaster tools when you are not allowed any FTP access to wordpress.com. There used to be a way to work around it by creating a new page and pasting the verification filename given by Google webmaster tools into it but it no longer work now. There is another quick and easy method you can try, please follow the steps as below.

How to Send Large Files?

Nowadays, files are getting bigger and bigger, some times a simple video or audio clips, PDF or graphic file can easily take up about 10MB of space. It could be frustrating when you need to send over such huge files to your recipient as it could take ages to send over, it could be even annoying when some email services do not allow large files to be sent. Similarly, it could be a nightmare to receive large file as an attachment via email. It could clog up the downloading of emails where a few seconds process could turn into long-waiting process especially when you have urgent email to check.