Email Marketing Video Tutorial: How to Use Constant Contact

This series of email marketing video tutorials is created for the benefits for those of you who are new to using Constant Contact.

Many of our new customers have feedback that it is kind of overwhelming when first started using Constant Contact. It could be due to the rich features available inside the Constant Contact email marketing system. Many new users were lost at where and how to start.

Therefore, to make things easier for new users, we have created a series of Constant Contact Video Tutorials. It shows you the basics of Constant Contact email marketing features and how to go about it in step by step process. Most importantly, it is to get you started quickly and focus on your marketing campaign than on the learning curve.

Video #1: How to Set Up Account in Constant Contact

Video #2: Why Do You Need to Verify Your Email Address

Video #3: How to Prepare & Import Your Mailing List

Video #4: How to Create Email Marketing Campaign using Constant Contact Templates

Video #5: How to Create Customized Email Marketing Campaign Using Your Own Design

Video #6: How to Send Out Your First Email Marketing Newsletter

Video #7: How to Check Your Delivery Report Online

Video #8: How to Remove and Restore Email Campaign

Video #9: How to Export Mailing List

Video #10: How to Add in an Opt-in Form to Your Website

We will be adding more video tutorials in future so please come back again for more new tutorials.

Hopefully, these video tutorials will help you achieve success for your email marketing campaign. If you have any feedback and comments, you are welcome to leave it at the comment box below.


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