Constant Contact Newsletter Subscription Plugin For WordPress Blog

If you are thinking of adding a newsletter subscription box to your wordpress blog but do not want the hassle of copying the code from Constant Contact to WordPress individually, here is a quick way to do it.  However, please note that this plugin only work for blog installed in the root directory, if your blog is installed in sub-directory like, it will not work unfortunately.

  1. Log into your wordpress and click on “Plugins” then “Add New”.
  2. Enter “Constant Contact” in the search box and click on “Search plugin” to search.
  3. A list of plugins will appear, you can select the first one and click “Install” then “Install Now” to start.
  4. After you have successfully installed the plugin, go to step 8 otherwise see next step.
  5. If you having problem installing in wordpress, alternatively you can download the plugin from Click here to go to the page and download now.
  6. Once you have downloaded the zip file, unzip and ftp to your server.
  7. Upload the zip to your “plugins” folder which is under the “wp-content” folder. Once you have uploaded, go back to wordpress dashboard.
  8. Click on “Plugins” and find “Constant Contact Widget” then click on “Activate” to activate it.
  9. Then go to “Appearance”, “Widgets” and drag “Constant Contact” to the sidebar.
  10. Click on the setting and you will see the screen as below.
  11. Fill in your Constant Contact username, password and the name of the mailing list, make sure they are the same as your Constant Contact account otherwise it will give you errors.
  12. After entering the first 3 fields, you can leave the rest of fields as default, click on “Update Setting” to finish.
  13. Go to your blog and you should be able to see the newsletter subscription box appear at the left hand panel of your blog.

If you encountered any problem with installation, you can check it out with the author at the following link. Good Luck!

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