What is the Difference between Logo, Header and Banner?

To many new business owners, you may have problem identifying the differences between a logo, header and banner. Some actually thought that they are referring to the same thing but in fact they are not. It is important to know the difference between each of them as they will ultimately become part of your brand. In addition, to survive in this competitive business world, it is vital you are clear with the Lingo or Jargon used in the industry so that you can understand what other people such as the designers, printers and developers are talking about. As a result, you can communicate intelligently to the designer or developer in future if you need help to get your logo, header and banner done.

What is a Logo?

A logo is basically an image that used to identify your business or website. It is consists of colors, style, symbol and font that made up the image. By looking at the image, all your stakeholders like customers, competitors and suppliers will recognize your business or website immediately. Some good example of logos like MacDonald, Coca-cola, Pepsi, Facebook, Google and Twitter, they can be recognized easily and instantly globally even without spelling their full names.



In summary, the logo is like the face to your business, it can also be used as an Avatar for all your online communication and social networks.

What is a Header?

A header is an image that is placed on top of the website that appear at the top of every web page except landing page or sales page. It is normally horizontal in size which consists mainly of logo, tagline or some other elements such as social media icons, advertisement banner or search bar. The header will usually contain the primary colour and together with the footer located at the bottom of the web pages, they help to set the look and feel or identity of the whole website.

Here is a list of header examples:




What is a Banner?

A banner, also known as web banner serves a different purpose than logo and header. It is normally used for informative or advertising purposes and come in different sizes and orientation. For example the leaderboard, wide skyscraper, and the medium rectangle banners. The popular standard advertisement banners sizes are 300×250, 728×90 and 160×600, they are responsible for generating 78% of business based on this source.

Below are some example of banners, you should be able to identify them easily than the header.

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Hopefully, the above will give you a clearer picture between logo, header and banner now.

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  1. slimane says:

    I was actually looking for the difference between a banner and a header because I needed to hire a freelance to design an image related to my business.
    I came accross your web page giving a clear explaination, so thank you very much, you did a great job !


  2. Princewill says:

    Your explanation is very descriptive and I got what I was searching for. Thank you so much.

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