Many of our clients were asking could they use their own email addresses to blast out their email campaign when using our email marketing system. The answer is “Yes, absolutely!”. We understand why they were concerned because many of them had the misconception that when you are using a third party email marketing software or system, you have to use the vendor’s email address as well, this is not correct! Our email marketing system encourages you to use your own address so that your customers will recognize you instantly and readily accept your email into their inbox. This will not only help to increase open rate but also help to reduce bounce rate and spam complaint.

In fact, in our previous post, we encourage users of our email marketing system to use two email addresses when blasting out their email campaigns. The main reason is to keep your inbox clean and free of auto-responder message such as “out of office” and “mail box full” from your recipients. Imagine the nightmare when you blasted out an email campaign to few thousands recipients and receive half a dozen such messages. Your important email messages will be drowned among the unwanted messages and delay action for any enquiries or sales opportunity.

The next commonly concern is “Will my customers able to see my company’s email address when using your email marketing system?”. The answer is definitely a “Yes” and we had already addressed this concern in another post.  In our email marketing system, you can enter your company name, department name or even your CEO name as you prefer. However, it should be a name that your customers are already familiar with and someone they can relate to closely. Consequently, this will help to increase your open and click rate because it is the name they can trust.

If you are interested on how to add in your preferred name in our email marketing system, you can check out our previous post here. In the post, it guides you step by step so you should be able to do it easily. Once you have done so, your customers or recipients will see your company or department name reflected in their inbox under “From” field, next to the “Subject” field.


You are welcome to email us if you have any questions or need assistance in using our email marketing system. We will try our best to post the frequently asked questions in our blog here so keep a look out for the latest frequently asked question.