Many people want to set up a blog fast but either they do not have the technical knowledge to do it or they do not want to involve in the hassles of setting it up.

Free Blog

In fact, setting up a blog is not as difficult as you think, nowadays there are plenty of free blogs available which you can use immediately once you have registered with them. Two most popular free blog platforms available are and but since they are free, they have limitations, such as limited space and limited customization. There is no guarantee that your free blog will be up forever, it could be hacked or taken down any time without reason. In addition, you will not have a unique domain name; your free blog domain will be something like or However, you have the option to upgrade to premium plan to get a unique domain name and it requires an annual fee depend on the platform you are using. Nevertheless, they are a good start if you want hassle-free blog immediately and you can always opt for upgrade if you decide to have a more customized and controlled blog in future.

Paid Hosting Blog

However, if you still prefer to have a customized blog and want a hassle-free setup, choose a good web hosting company to help you. Usually the web hosting company provide one-stop solutions so you can get your domain name registration and web hosting done under one roof. One of them is Vodien Internet Solutions, they allow you to install WordPress blog with just a few clicks and your blog is immediately set up. Vodien Internet Solutions will give you the latest version of WordPress, and provides free support for future WordPress upgrade. This is critical to blog success when WordPress requires constant upgrade for its widget plugins and version.

Once the blog is technically setup, you can in fact start blogging as there is already a free default WordPress theme installed unless you want to have a more customized look and feel for your blog. You can change the design by changing its theme to achieve the look and feel you want. There are a wide range of blog themes to choose from, they are paid and free version available online. If you are ambitious about your blog design and layout, you can choose to purchase a theme editor such as Headway Themes to design your own. They also have free professional WordPress themes available so that you do not need to start from scratch. Click here to view some of them.

The beauty of using a WordPress platform is that it has the ability to become more powerful by adding plugins to enhance its functionality. Most of the plugins are free and they could be downloaded in under its Plugin section.


If you still find the above take up too much of your time, you are welcome to seek professional help. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.