If you are wondering why do you need to get at least two email addresses for your email marketing campaign? The reason is very simple – to help you to save time and organize your replying of emails to your marketing campaign more effectively.

If you are sending the email marketing campaign for the first time, you may not aware that your inbox will have a high tendency being overwhelmed with “Out of Office” messages from your recipients. This is especially so when you are sending email marketing campaign to a large mailing list (aka customer database). Just imagine, a 10% of your 10,000 mailing list when they were out of office, you would receive 1000 such “Out of Office” message in your inbox. You definitely will not want to waste your precious time and effort sorting such messages with your other valid email messages.

So in order to prevent your inbox being flooded with such messages, it is advisable to get another email address for your email marketing campaign. For example if you are using emailblast@xyz.com to send out your email marketing campaign. Then give an alternative email address for your recipients to reply when enquiries arise. For example, give a personal address that your customers can recognize you, such as jane.walker@xyz.com. Your customers will then be rest assured that their enquiries will be sent to a valid email address and not to  some self-automated answering machine.

Doing so will provide dual benefits. First,  your inbox will be free from unwanted emails. Second, you can focus your core attention to those enquiries sent by your recipients. The first 48 hours after sending out your email marketing campaign is extremely critical because if your recipients get response from you with these hours, your email marketing campaign will have a higher chance of success. You can see your “Call to Action” to your recipients within these hours is the most effective, anything pass these hours will get less response from them.  (Note: Your “Call to Action” can be asking customers to sign up an event, purchase a product, reserve a seat and etc.)

So do keep this tip in mind so you know how to streamline your email marketing campaign in future. If you have any comments, you are welcome to leave it at the comment box below.