Year end is coming and if you are an event organizer, you must be overwhelmed with planning year-end events such as Dinner and Dance (D&D), Christmas celebration, holidays celebration, company annual charity events and even your own family reunion gatherings. From the past experience, you will know that it is never easy to organize any event even just a personal family event. There are too many things to plan, manage and keep track such as planning the budget, venue, food catering, guest list, site preparation, vendor selection, transportation, marketing, promotion, sponsorship and etc.

Many of you will agree that the main stumbling blocks of planning an event is to get the attendance of the guests to confirm early otherwise it is impossible to execute the rest of the event planning. However, getting the headcount right can be time-consuming and painful. The traditional way of sending out invitation card and waiting for the guests to RSVP is slow and inefficient but fortunately, this is no longer a problem as online registration and instant confirmation of guest attendance are possible now using Constant Contact’s Online Event Registration System. See the video introduction of online registration system below.

The main objective of Online Event Registration System is to ease the burden for the event organizer by automating the process of online registration, payment collection and guest list tracking. There is no additional hardware and software to be installed and you can simply create an online invitation anywhere anytime using any devices. Once your invitation is sent out, your guests are able to register online immediately. The registration form will be available 24×7 online and your guests can register anytime even at the last hour. The status of guest attendance will be displayed on the screen instantly which makes tracking simpler as the event organizer will know who have opened, accepted and declined the invitation. Further reminder can be sent to those guests who have not opened or inactive which helps to cut down a lot of follow-up times.

The registration will be closed automatically once it hits the maximum number of participants. Your guests will be able to see who is coming on the online guest list, this will encourage more attendance if the main influencers are attending your event. There are also other benefits that that you can enjoy using the online event registration system.

  • Multiple payment options for participants e.g credit card, check, pay at the door and ProPay and PayPal.
  • Automatic registration confirmation emails
  • Online maps for event location
  • Get your event noticed by sharing it on public event directories (limited to USA only)
  • Share on social media platform e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

If you want to have a successful event, you can try out Constant Contact’s online event registration system free for 60 days. It allows you to test out free for 10 participants which is like a mini event. You will be amazed how easy it is to use as it takes away most of the mundane administrative works and management. Now you can look forward for a fun and happy holiday events.

Have a Happy Holidays!