A business card might be the only thing a person has to remember you so it has to leave a good impression. Professional business card designs are important in creating memorable impressions for prospective clients and partners. However, not many business owners are willing to spend good money on quality business card design. Bad design or low quality business card reaches the trash before entering someone’s mind, you are going to lose a lot of opportunities. Hence do not underestimate the power of business card design, it brings you more opportunities and impressions than you think. So, getting a professional business card with following criteria is highly recommended.

Focus on Impact

Positive impact is the driving force behind sales and profits for every organizations. Your business needs, wants and desires to rule the world can begin with an impactful business card design. A business card is the stepping-stone into great opportunities for your business so making your business card impactful is crucial when meeting new customers. To create an impactful business card, make sure you have chosen the right color, fonts and images for your business. Do not use low quality or amateurish images, it will do more harm than good. If you need to add in your photo, get a professional photo shot. The photographer will give you the right lighting and setting, making you stand out from the rest of the competitors.

Convey Your Image

Your business card is an identity to your business image. The style and tone of your business card design will convey the type of image you want to convey. For example, if you are in the financial industry, you may want to choose neutral colors like navy blue and black to convey security and trust. Tried to avoid flunky colors like bright yellow, green or red as it may not able to portray the right image that you wish. In addition, be careful with the fonts used, do not used too curly fonts that are hard to read or used font sizes that are too small.

Use Quality Printing Paper and Printing

Not many business owners are aware that the quality of papers and printing will also affect the business card quality. Avoid choosing thin or flimsy paper for your business card unless you are in special trades that require to do so. Choose a thicker paper, at least 200 gsm thick so that the card does not crumble easily. If possible, go for CMYK printing as digital printing still could not print out images well on business card paper. Add a layer of lamination will make your business card dirt and water proof. You can always check with your printer for more advices to get good quality business card printing.

Use Professional Business Card Templates

If you think that business card does not need much design, you are wrong. Recipients of your business card will immediately form an impression once they look at your card. Remember, your business card is an identity to your business image! However, if you cannot afford the design cost, you can always try using free business cards templates. Many business owners are not aware there are many free but professional designed business card templates available. These templates could save you tons of design costs but still give you professional look without compromise on design.

The list above is not exhaustive but in summary, if you can get a quality and well-designed business card, it will not only help you to leave good impression but more business opportunities. As this is the first tool you use to connect with other people especially you never meet before, it is important to invest in good quality business card design and printing. You will soon see your investment is well worth the time and effort you have invested.