Another frequently asked question by customers is “How to scale picture PROPORTIONATELY in Microsoft Powerpoint?” Do your pictures always look distorted or out of proportion? Here is a handy tip to help you.

Follow the below steps and you can achieve porpotionate picture in no time.

  1. First, click on the image and you will see 8 white dots appear around the four corners and edges of the image like below image.
  2. blog-scale-picture-01

  3. Press the “SHIFT” key in PC and click on any white dot on either side of the four corners of the picture and drag it inward position to scale it down.
  4. blog-scale-picture-02

  5. On contrary, to scale the picture bigger, just drag it outward while pressing the SHIFT key and the picture will scale out bigger proportionately.
  6. Please note that never click on the middle white dot to scale up or down, it will distort the picture.

Hope the above simple tip can helps to solve your frustration when scaling picture in powerpoint.