Things to Look Out for before You Creating Your Own Blog

Do you want to become a blogger? Once you have made up your mind to become one, the next step is to get your own blog instead of using a free blog. In other words, you are now getting your own domain name which host on your own preferred web hosting company and at yourmore »

5 Inspiring Handmade Craft e-Commerce Sites

Do you have a unique talent and are skillful with your hands? Have you ever dream of making an income from your handcraft skill? Setting a physical shop is almost out of question because of its high rental cost and efforts involved but setting an online store is relatively cheaper and less risk. Your onlinemore »

Get a Free Email Marketing Template Today!

If you are planning to sign up for an email marketing services, you should try Constant Contact! They are now giving away free email marketing template (aka Website Match Email Template) for sign-up customers before end of March 2013! The free email marketing template which is worth US$99 is designed by professional team and willmore »

10 Great Examples of Jewelry e-Commerce Online Stores

Many of our customers who are in the jewelry business are asking is there any simple but robust e-commerce software or solution that offers immediate online jewelry store setup, less technical hassle and lot of ready-made jewelry store e-commerce templates available? There are, in fact, plenty of e-commerce solutions around in the market but wemore »

B2B Sample E-Commerce Websites – Part 1

Many of our customers are interested to see some samples of Business-to-Business (B2B) e-commerce websites so in this post we will post some of them here. The below e-commerce websites are created using Bigcommerce software, it is one of the most robust e-commerce software in the market. It is easy to use and has onemore »

Email Marketing: Monthly Plan vs. Pay-As-You-Go Plan

Many of you could be in a dilemma whether you should choose monthly plan or pay-as-you plan for your email marketing services? For those of you who do not know the difference between the two plans, the monthly email marketing plan is a plan which requires you to pay every month regardless of whether you usemore »

5 Beautiful Personal Travel WordPress Themes

Travelling has become so popular nowadays that almost every tech savvy traveler would like to write down his or her own travel journey using a blog. The purpose is not only to share the experience but also to monetize it. But not every one has the technical and design skills to design a beautiful blogmore »

Can I Use My Own Email Address When Using Your Email Marketing System?

Many of our clients were asking could they use their own email addresses to blast out their email campaign when using our email marketing system. The answer is “Yes, absolutely!”. We understand why they were concerned because many of them had the misconception that when you are using a third party email marketing software ormore »